“Stay@Home Boyfriend”

Oh Baby it’s cold outside“, a song written 1944 by Frank Loesser and covered multiple times by others, is a (Christmas) song, which really hits the nail on the head, today -17 degree Celsius, and a perfect reason to stay at home and be a “stay at home boyfriend”. 

A boyfriend and not a “stay at home dad”. The youngest of my girlfriend’s kids, Ellis, made this very important point to me, the other day, as I picked him up from school after I told him that i feel like a stay at home dad. 

And indeed, my life changed from traveling and trying out different things to a daily routine, of waking up the kids, (which sounds much easier than it actually is), dropping them off to school, straightening up a little, doing dishes, laundry, grocery shopping once in a while, picking up the kids, playing with them on the playground, helping to prepare dinner, doing homework and last but not least and probably to most challenging getting them to bed and sleep in time. 

The other day, I really said to Stephanie, that it is easier to run and manage a multi billion company, than manage and coordinate three kids. To me being a stay at home parent is one of the most challenging tasks ever and deserves the highest respect.

As much as I enjoy it though I can’t imagine doing this for a longer period, like  years, though. My brain needs food for thoughts, inspiration and working on things.

When I find time I still do work on some private projects, with focus on my business idea and a little bit of coaching. I have yet to develop a routine for climbing, yoga or working out. 

Even though it sounds exhausting doing all these chores, the moments with the kids when they are happy or showing you that you make a diffenrence are priceless.

I am looking so much forward to experience Christmas and New Year with the kids.

Here a few impressions:

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