Welcome Home! Check in!

“Welcome home!” A Knowmads slogan, our slogan, my slogan. I am on the way to settle, to settle for the next six or even more month, who knows, who counts, who’s bothered ( not me, not now, maybe never again ;-)), and ready to depart onto a journey to a different world, a world where the rules of the real world are challenged, questioned, the blind spots of our society are pointed out or the individual human potential is the highest asset. Scary?! Welcome to the hippy university, that’s how a famous German magazine titled Knowmads. You get no grades, but a hug, no certificate, but a tattoo! Yeah, that what we need more of.

Check in: Kurt how are you? Where are you? I am here and in the moment, at least I try to be, and out of my comfort zone. But I am told to trust, trust the process Kurt and just be. Reflect! It’s hard, I am honest, but I am curious too and the curiosity wins over the fear, the fear of what actually? The fear of waking up and realizing I, we, all, have been subconsciously following a process with values we never believed in and did not even know it. Maybe yes, maybe no. 

I came here, thinking I had my sh… together, and yet I am learning that I have to reconsider my values, attitudes, go back to the whiteboard and start over, green field, blue sky, white mountain. It’s scary, well I said that already, but exciting too, because of the doors, which might open.

Knowmad’s approach is to teach you, to ask questions and sit with the question without having an answer. Ask yourself and contemplate..

Who I am? In what world do I want to live? What difference do I want to make in the world? How can I take action? 

Simple, right! And yet very hard, I dare you! Take an apple, a beer, a joint and sit with them for a day, a week, a month and see what comes up. Oh, you are busy, with earning money, doing sports, checking Facebook, or looking after kids. That’s fair, no offense, no regrets, see, how you can fit it in. Again I dare you!

4 weeks are over! 1 welcome tribe 15 week, 2 weeks of workshops and challenges of different kind,  1 week of graduation week for tribe 14. Two stolen bikes within 5 days, welcome home! Trust the process. It’s just a coincidence, I believe that, although maybe I am being thought a lesson. But wait, a lesson about what? 

Welcome in Amsterdam, welcome to Knowmads! Welcome home! 

Two tribes (knowmads term for a class), Tribe 14 just graduated, us, Tribe 15 started, a lot of check-ins (where are you right now?), tons of workshops, a shitload of reflections, many many hugs and of course I can’t forget about the check outs, our tribal days, holy days, I like them, I don’t like them. Out of my comfort zone, that’s what I was asking for, as I left the corporate world. Getting out of my head, more in touch with my emotions, some might call it tap more into the feminine energy, so spiritual and yet true. 

But how ? Well, improv theater, contact improvisation, chorus, creative painting, journaling, and so much more. Try it, see how it goes. Hippie Kurt? Maybe, maybe not! Sounds good and nice and lovely, but how do you earn money with that? Did you just think that, caught ya! Honestly I don’t know I am sure something will show up when I need it . Coincidence! 

I had a plan and I learnt plans are best used when you deverge and just make a new one… more to come. Check out!!!!

Here a few impressions:

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