Final Presentation – Exhibition “Essence in Amorphousness”

An Exhibition from UURT VAN BURT a new age artist

Monday September 25th 2017 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

About this event

You are invited to join Uurt van Burt on his event “Essence from Amorphousness” from his journey through his „Knowmadic“ life and life style during the past 7 month.

The event will help you to look behind the masks of the artist and goes beyond words, trying to explore his essence, by exposing you as audience to different artifacts captured and gathered from his extra- ordinary time in Amsterdam at Knowmads, an Alternative Business School, whose purpose is, to create change makers for a brave new world.

Come, enjoy, experience and explore the amazing world of Uurt van Burt at Knowmads Business School.

About the work shown

You are going to be exposed to different artwork, intentionally and purposefully NOT presented in a structured way, all created by the artist and other artists within the past 7 month. These are notes, drawings, letters, journals, messages, pictures, paintings, video recordings, audio recordings. All very personal and partly vulnerable. It’s also an experience to try to read and decipher his handwriting, an art in itself.

The purpose of this experience is to expose you to these different art media and to give you a chance to get a sense of the real essence of the artist himself as a persona and what defines him. The main theme in his work is amorphousness and chaos.

Please don’t hesitate to contact him, in case you are interested in acquiring a piece of his work.

About the artist

Uurt van Burt, also known as Kurt Knud, a charming globetrotter in his late 30’s holds a masters degree in Industrial Engineering. His friends would describe him as a sharp, structured and strong personality with a big heart and a playful soul. He strongly believes in his creative, artistic skills, which are present in himself, and yet have to be explored and polished further. His first artistic work can’t really be traced back to a specific point in time, however since he was a child, these needs were looking for a way out, until he attended Knowmads, where they found the space they needed to prosper, grow and unfold.

At Knowmads he was exposed to singing, painting, creative journaling, dancing, improvisation theatre, embodiment and learnt to follow his intuition and his real needs, all these things helped him to better connect to himself and to others.

Uurt enjoys Yoga, long and deep conversations about life, hugging and touching taught by the ‘Goorian School of Touch’ (he was exposed to during his time at Knowmads) and he also likes to flirt.

His dreams center around finding a home base, making a living out of his (artistic) skills, starting a family and to create a similar sense of community with friends as he has experienced it during Knowmads. He made huge steps in the area of self growth and development over the past few years, which allow him to be more centered and balanced in life, stay present and trust that all will unfold as it is meant to be for him. He surrendered to the process and trust. Though he still has a few challenges to work on, one being always busy, 7 days a week, rarely taking time for himself to check in with himself to reflect and digest; it got much better and comes in waves, but still something he is prone to.

The other challenge, which yet has to be tackled, is his constant urge and need to acquire new knowledge, tools, methods or degrees to help others out, although his toolbox might be overflowing already and there is no need to gather more tools, rather to use what is already present and available and to co-create from that.

About his life

Uurt lived most of his life in different countries. He comes from an ordinary and simple family with Austrian roots. His ancestors were deported due to religious reasons, under rule of Karl VI, the Roman-German Emperor, and Maria Theresia, the archduchess of Austria in the 17th century.

He was born during communist times in Romania, where he lived his life protected and sheltered on a small farm until the age of 10. The family emigrated 1988 to Germany in order to flee the communist regime and to enable the children to have a better future and life as their parents did. At the age 23 Uurt started to travel for the first time to explore the world. His journey has led him to different countries on different continents and finally to Netherlands, Amsterdam. During this time he was faced with different challenges, especially the missing sense of belonging and the feeling of not having a home, not feeling connected to people and what higher sense of purpose to serve were bothering him.

In order for Uurt to maintain and nurture his artistic needs and passion he needs a source of income. As of now his intention is to start his coaching practice in a more professional way, working with men and companies, to start using his skills and experience from his past corporate work life and the new knowledge acquired to help to contribute to a more sustainable society by improving connection and communication amongst people.


09:45 – Drinks and finger food
10:00 – Opening speech
10:05 – Experience the artwork by taking notes on Essence and Questions
10:30 – Meet the Artist and Questions
10:50 – Formulate your Essence about the artist in a letter or short note

Proposed questions while exploring the art work

  • Can you name three essential things about him, you notice in the work shown?
  • What gets inspired in you by experiencing the work shown?
  • What gets triggered in you by experiencing the work shown?
  • What is the underlying theme of the art work (pick one or two)?
  • What qualities can you recognize in the art work, which tells you more about the artist?

Moments of the exhibition

The Essence captured

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