Time to move on. Check Out!

Almost 8 month passed by since I started Knowmads Business School back in March. It’s over now! Yeahhh… I am glad, time to move on.

My intention was to write on a regular basis about what happened in school and report about different projects, learnings, challenges and other events. It did not happen, and that’s cool, as it is very hard to explain in any form what kind of place Knowmads really is. The best way is to go to one of the “open events” and try it out to get a feel and sense of the place, energy and people there.

For me these 7 , almost 8, month will be always remembered as a special time, where I gave myself the permission to put off all social pressure and expectations towards having a job, striving and being successful, jada, jada, jada….,(you fill in the dots) and just be myself and really follow what I wanted to do, no matter how old I am and what background I had, which lead to amazing experiences.

I sang, painted, played Improv, wrote a speech, became an artist (Uurt van Burt) just to name a few. And the tip was an amazing graduation ceremony and party.

I also learnt that I am very interested in the topic of sustainability , specifically helping businesses to look beyond revenue, costs and profits and focus also on what contribution a company can have towards a more sustainable society within their power of actions. I will try to focus my efforts around that matter and see where it will lead me and what will show up for me in future.

For now I will stick around in Amsterdam and enjoy the post Knowmads trauma, which is said to be a dark period, I am yet waiting to get affected by it. 

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