Dirty, dusty, dry and yet beautiful

Nepal – Never Ending Peace And Love! A slogan I saw along the Annapurna trail and what I experienced during my 2,5 weeks there. Originally I planned to spend three weeks but cut it short by three days.

The first time in the four month on the road I got really really sick, assuming some hardcore Nepalese bacteria found a home in my stomach for a couple of days. I spend a week in an ashram recovering from it with yoga, meditation, eastern philosophy lessons and daily walks around the area. The owner and his family were very nice and nurtured me until I was able to eat again normally.

Landing in Kathmandu was totally different as I expected it to be. I believe the big earth quake in 2015 you can clearly see that they are far from being back to normal. The whole area looked like a huge construction side, which really topped India in some sense.

Luckily I was meeting a friend later to do together the Annapurna Basecamp trail, planned for 11 days. We finished it after 7 days and my recommendation is, not to get a guide or a porter and do it on your own. If someone is interested I am happy to guide you through there. The weather and experience was amazing and the total opposite to the dusty and dirty capital.

I started my journey about four month ago in Bali and I will end it in Bali. After 3 month in India and Nepal, one especially in the cold mountains at a higher altitude in the Indian north, I decided that I need some tropical magic and Balinese hospitality before I head back to the European spring.


Here a few impressions:

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