Taking a break from daily routine of the hamster wheel by getting out of my comfort zone and exploring things I am really interested in and which are in the back of my mind since a while.

About Me:

My Name is Kurt, I was born in Rumania 38 years ago in a small village called „Apoldu de Sus“ in the rural area of the communistic country on a small farm.

1988 my family emigrated to Germany where I spend the second part of my childhood/youth, until I was in my early 20ties.

In my early 20ties I started to travel the first time for 4 weeks with a friend with a backpack to Thailand in South East Asia. At that point in time I became attuned to the world of traveling, exploring and wandering.

I was already in my second semester of my study program industrial engineering, after completing an apprentice ship as a whole-saler and doing the society civil service instead of army.

Shortly after I left my hometown Rosenheim and I have been on the road since. My journey brought me to different countries, continents with different assignments for different length of time between weeks up to years.

Just lately I decided, after a decent career (12 years work experience in different countries in different positions within a global supply chain) in an international corporation, that I want to have a change in my life and leave the sacred and secure but lonely work environment abroad and follow a few private initiatives, before I settle down (still has to be defined where though) and start a family. Yes it is about time to do it, I feel it and I want it.